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Posted on the 15th April 2023

How to fix a Roland TD-1 / TD-1K Hi-Hat Pedal

The Roland TD-1 / TD-1K is a great entry level electric drum kit which is compact and works really well…

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Posted on the 31st July 2021

Best Smart Smoke Detectors

As we automate our homes and have access to key information about our homes when we’re away smoke and carbon…

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Posted on the 22nd July 2021

How to make a dumb switch smart

Creating a smart home has never been easier but home automation can get pricey. In this blog we share 2…

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Smart Home Tutorials
Posted on the 26th May 2021

Mac Mini Apple Watch Unlocking

Have you ever wondered how you can unlock your Mac Mini using your Apple Watch? Well we have and it’s…

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Posted on the 4th September 2019

Ordering Your Apple Watch Wallet Payment Cards

Ever wondered how to easily update the order of your payment cards on your Apple Watch without removing them? It’s…

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