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Posted on the 16th January 2023

Understanding Zigbee: The Wireless Technology Powering Smart Homes

Zigbee is a wireless communication technology that is commonly used in smart home devices such as lights, thermostats, and security…

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Posted on the 11th January 2023

Switchbot Bot vs Fingerbot Plus

Smart button pushers are affordable ways to make a massive variety of items around your home smart, enabling you to…

Posted on the 11th January 2023

Introducing Matter: The Future of Smart Home Technology

Matter is a new technology that is revolutionising the way we control and interact with our smart homes. It is…

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Smart Home
Posted on the 9th January 2023

CarrerFoundry Full Stack Web Development Review

Taking a break from our regular stream of smart tech review I thought I’d share something more of a personal…

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Posted on the 5th January 2023

Switchbot Announces Hub 2 & Matter Support

Today Switchbot, the company behind a massive variety of smart home products, announced support for Matter and the new Hub…

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Tech News
Posted on the 4th January 2023

Fingerbot Plus Review

Smart button pushers aren’t new…in fact, it was one of the first products launched by Switchbot (read our review of…

Posted on the 30th November 2022

Momax Airbox Go Portable Charger Review

When it comes to portable chargers the market is massively saturated however, the Momax Airbox go caught our eye for…

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Apple Reviews
Posted on the 6th November 2022

Switchbot Smart Humidifier Review

A humidifier is a way of adding moisture into the air in your room which can help make your room…

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Posted on the 30th October 2022

Soma Tilt 2 and Switchbot Blind Tilt Compared

A week ago Switchbot launched the Kickstarter for their all new smart blind tilt device. Here at Best Smart Home…

Posted on the 21st October 2022

Switchbot Blind Tilt Review

Switchbot, the company behind a whole variety of innovative products that allow you to make your existing items smart have…

Posted on the 1st October 2022

Switchbot Meter Plus Review

The Switchbot Meter Plus is the larger, upgraded version of the Switchbot Meter, a smart temperature and humidity sensor for…

Posted on the 23rd September 2022

Pinter 2 – Review 5 Months Later

5 months ago we wrote a review of the Pinter 2, a way of making fresh beer at home with…

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